Introduction to Online Worship Webinar from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Introduction to Online Worship

Many churches are exploring how to share the worship experiences online through video. With the increased restrictions on gathering sizes, many more churches are trying this for the first time. Join Mike Crawford, Eric Swanson, and Curtis Brown.

Preparing for Christmas Pivot 11.18.2020 from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Preparing for a Christmas Pivot

11/18/2020 Pastors Jessica Baldyga, Curtis Brown, Nicole Cox, Dan King Crede, and Paula Wallace share their plans around Christmas worship and possible pivots because of COVID mitigations.  Hear their ideas of providing safe, accessible ways to incorporate all ages into preparation and worship.  

Links to resources and notes.  christmas+pivot.docx

Slides from SRD conversation 12/1/2020 christmas+eve+pivot.mp4

Preparing for Christmas 9.17.2020 from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Preparing for Christmas

9/17/2020 A conversation around Advent and Christmas with Pastors Nicole Cox, Shane Frederick, Sarah Wanke, and Jason Woolever hosted by Amy Shreve.  Hear their ideas of providing safe, accessible ways to incorporate music, small groups, and worship themes into the Advent season.  We also brainstormed ways to include candle lighting, Christmas carols, and including all ages in Advent worship.

Books and media available for free through the Resource Center:  UMRC+Advent+Resources.pdf

Links to other webinars and ideas: Preparing+for+Christmas+resources.pdf

Churches Supporting Schools Webinar 8.21.20 from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Churches Supporting Schools

Two churches are working towards next steps in supporting students and families in remote learning this year.  Listen in to a conversation with Cara, Jennie, and Jessica from Hope Church and Centenary UMC about their process of assessing need and community interest, talking with insurance providers and church trustees, and determining capacity, boundaries, and funding as they prepare to offer several unique ways to serve the community.  Hope Church is offering space to Junior and High School students for remote learning.  Centenary has expanded high speed internet to their parking lot and is exploring hosting pod learning.  

Children's Ministry When the Kids are Home Webinar from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Children's Ministry When the Kids are Home

Join Andrew Jones and Amy Shreve. They will share how he quickly shifted to low-tech online engagement with children and families and offering a familiar face and faith presence in time of rising anxiety. He’ll share some of the best free resources and cheap tech ways to connect.

Download notes from the webinar... (Word document, 2 pages)

Financing Ministry Webinar from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Financing Ministry

With Ted Frost and Jennie Edwards Bertrand

How do we encourage ongoing financial support, even if people aren’t passing the plate? Ted Frost, from our IGRC Foundation, and Jennie Edwards Bertrand, from Hope UMC, will help church leaders talk through how to develop the resources to begin online giving, electronic monthly withdraws, relationship support for donors, and creative ways to ask people to give.

Download notes from the webinar... (Word document, 3 pages)

Church's Response to the Coronavirus:

What Should We Do Next?

Tony Morgan, founder and lead strategist of The Unstuck Group, discusses:

  • Why leadership is so important during a crisis moment, and what it looks like
  • What people need to hear from their pastor in a crisis like this one
  • How your church and your team can redeem this moment to find increased impact and influence

Christ told us to expect trouble, but to take heart. In times of panic, the opportunity for the church to shine becomes clear.

Pastoral Care While Social Distancing Webinar from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Pastoral Care and Social Distancing

Miriam Snider, Justin Snider, Shauna Summers, and Beth Fender

With changes to the ways people gather and increased isolation, clergy and lay leaders are reworking how they connect, support, and care for the people in their church and community. Join in this webinar conversation with a panel of pastors, counselors, and clergy as they explore how they are finding new ways to reach out and provide pastoral care. 

Additional Resources (as mentioned by Shauna during the webinar)

Funerals Under Quarantine from IGRC Communications on Vimeo

Funerals Under Quarantine

With gatherings limited to small groups, churches are developing new practices to support those who grieve and celebrate the lives of those who have died. We'll explore some options for alternative ways of connecting people and recall traditions of less immediate memorial services. Together we'll share our ideas and respond to questions. Join us on Tuesday, March 24, at 10 a.m. via this link: https://zoom.us/j/980263936

Leading Online Worship Webinar from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Leading Online Worship

Join Tim Lee, Contemporary Worship Arts Director from Washington Crossroads UMC and Curt Franklin, IGRC Associate Coordinator of Camping and Youth Ministries as they focus on content and presentation as part of leading online worship.

Ministry with the Elderly and Homebound During Social Isolation from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Ministry with Elderly and Homebound during Social Isolation

We all feel out of sorts and unconnected during this time of social distancing and shelter in place. But what about those who are at greater risk due to their age or are unable to get out? They find themselves even more isolated.

Consider how your church be in ministry with the elderly and homebound. As you minister to their needs, you can also engage others in ministry.

Yvette Biddle, Director of Discipleship, at Geneseo 1st UMC, will share the story of the Porch Angels ministry 1st UMC started and lessons they are learning.

Safe Sanctuaries Online Webinar from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Safe Sanctuaries Online

Now that you’re doing youth and children’s ministry online, do you wonder how your Safe Sanctuaries policy applies? Join Curt Franklin, IGRC Associate Coordinator of Camping and Youth Ministries, and Beth Fender, IGRC Coordinator of Discipleship and New Streams, for an online conversation about best practices and how to keep everyone as safe as possible online.

Relate & Retain Givers While Your Church Recovers Webinar from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Relate and Retain Givers While Your Church Recovers

Giving is under great stress now perhaps through the end of the year. Giving patterns and amounts will change with the likely result that your overall giving will be substantially less than expected. Diminished ministry, potential loss of staff, loan payments and other core church functions will be under review. And at risk.

How can we help you preserve as much of your mission and operations as possible?

This Webinar will help you:

  • Relate to your givers
  • Retain far more of your giving
  • Recover faster

We have been pleased to get to know the amazing gifts that Carla Maxwell Ray has shared with us as part of the Our Conference Our Kids fundraising effort. Now, she’s offered to help you and your church leaders think through your stewardship and fundraising strategies for your local church. 

Beth Fender Office Hour - May 14, 2020 from IGRC Communications on Vimeo.

Adapting summer VBS amidst the Pandemic

IGRC Coordinator of Discipleship Beth Fender holds office hours and hosts a discussion on how churches will proceed with summer Vacation Bible School even while we Shelter in Place.