New Streams

New Streams of Living Water helps congregations develop their own unique disciple formation and spiritual leadership development process, custom-fit to the context of the local church. It is a response to the question churches are asking – “We really want to be about forming disciples for Jesus Christ, but how do we do that?”

The New Streams Team has produced a number of resources to help congregations grow in their disciple-making efforts:

  • Charting the Course of Christian Discipleship (a workbook designed to help congregations establish their own comprehensive system of disciple formation that helps people to grow in their faith)
  • Charting a Course of Discipleship (a revision of Charting the Course of Christian Discipleship published by Discipleship Resources in 2012)
  • Opening Ourselves to Grace (a DVD introducing a Wesleyan understanding of God's grace and the "means of grace," or basic Christian spiritual practices) 
  • Bible Studies (a series of short studies ideal for use as opening devotions at church meetings, each focusing on a specific spiritual discipline)

Members of the New Streams Team are also available to assist with the use of these resources, as well as to lead workshops on discipleship topics for churches and for district or conference level events.

Please contact Beth Fender, Coordinator of Discipleship and New Streams, at 217-529-2611, with questions about workshops or if you're interested in joining the New Streams Team.