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Christian Leadership and the Coronavirus Epidemic

Every once in a while you get an ‘I’ve never been through this before’ moment in your leadership, and the current coronavirus phenomenon is one of them.

My guess is there is nothing in your leadership past that is quite like the current COVID-19 pandemic. I led through SARS in 2003, but this has eclipsed anything that happened during SARS with national borders being locked down, travel being impacted, empty stadiums, canceled seasons and daily life changing rapidly.

The question is how to respond as a leader.

10 Viral Tips to Start Teaching Online

Although geared toward college instruction, many of the concepts would be the same for leading a Bible Study or other online conversation. Here is some tips to get you started from an adjunct faculty member at the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign.

10 Ideas for Financial Leaders

A list of ideas is specifically directed to financial leaders across the church to help with sustaining the church and its ministry (and perhaps growing it in areas) as we live through these Coronavirus days.

Keep The Faith, Lose The Germs: Clergy Rethink Customs In The Age Of Coronavirus

As more cases of coronavirus are confirmed in the U.S., clergy across the country are reconsidering a variety of practices during religious services. Infectious disease experts praise the move. National Public Radio story from March 7, 2020.

What Churches Can Do

A United Methodist pastor in Washington state shares there is cause for prayer, bereavement care, but also preparations for faith communities to continue to function amidst public health concerns–and indeed assist in the effort to contain this virus’ spread.  His document was created to help churches decide how to respond before the virus reaches their ministry contexts.