Work expands to fit the time (you leave) available


If you've ever worked for most of a morning or afternoon and not gotten much accomplished, you may have wondered where the time went.    (I know I do some days! - Shauna)
Corsini offers the following suggestions about how to get more done each day.
7 Quick Time Tips

  1. "Work expands to fill the time available for its completion," says Mr. Corsini. Set aside less time to write your report -- an afternoon or morning, not a day
  2. Days consist of three kinds of activities: 1. Have to do, 2. need to do and 3. nice to do Corsini says to forget the nice to dos. Start with the “have to dos’” and work your way down. Spend your first hour at work on your most important activity for the day, then pick the next most important and so on.
  3. Focus on outcomes, not activities. Corsini says that nobody cares how hard you're working, they only care about what you're accomplishing.
  4. Set aside 15 minutes between the end of the day and the beginning of the next to evaluate what you have done that day and plan to do the next. Establish and prioritize your objectives, to dos and appointments for the coming day.
  5. Look out for time robbers. People can -- and do -- rob you of your time. "Robbers include co-workers, friends, vendors and some customers," says Mr. Corsini. "Avoid, neglect and manage those who rob you of your time when you're at work."
  6. Give yourself some slack. Schedule slack time in your day so you can handle unexpected activities and issues. (Especially important for pastor’s whose entire days are sometimes taken up with the unplanned activities! -Shauna)
  7. Develop a sense of priority. "The best cure for procrastination is to develop a strong sense of urgency," says Mr. Corsini.
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