By Shauna Summers
PCC Coordinator

There are so many kinds of transitions, and they all seem to have their own difficulties.

Transitioning from 2018 to 2019 in terms of yearly focus, projects, personal and professional goals, to replace 2018 with 2019 on checks (hahaha). PCC currently sends out Transitions packets to clergy families after the clergy has received a new appointment, but, there so many more transitions that we all face either directly or indirectly.

From Single to Married, Married to Widowed or Divorced, no children to one or more children to loss of a child, and a more typical transition: moving from working full time to being retired. While more typical, it does tend to take us by surprise. As the next round of retirements is almost here, some of you may be questioning where to go from here or what retirement might mean or look like for you. Our guest article is a perspective on retirement.
If there are other transitions you would like resource tools or a folder full of tools for, please let us know at: We want to give you as much support as possible. You are not alone on this journey.