Statement on shootings in Baton Rouge, Minnesota and Dallas


By now, you have heard reports of several shootings involving citizens and police in Baton Rouge, La.; St. Paul, Minn. and most recently, Dallas, Texas.

Shooting deaths, families heartbroken, television coverage, suspects killed, fingers pointed, demonstrations and prayers prayed to Almighty God have challenged the church and the world to find a better way.

Over and over again, we've learned that violence begets violence. To protest and change things, we have to choose the better way of non-violence.

May the God of mercy and peace comfort the living and the dead in Dallas, Minnesota, Baton Rouge and the human spirit. May every response to these shocking deaths be that which creates peace on earth, not war. "Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us."

This is my prayer. Will you join me that our prayers might provide a chorus that provides a way of peace.

Jonathan D. Keaton
July 8, 2016