Seven Directions Prayer


I am going to share the 7 Directions prayer I say often, especially when I am having a hard time finding things to be grateful for. Many Native American tribes incorporate a similar prayer into their spiritual life.  We start with the 4 cardinal directions, East (beginnings), South (learning), West (Change), and North (wisdom, endings) then move to the 5th direction (Father Sky), 6th direction (Mother Earth), and finally the 7th Direction (your own inner world).
"Creator, I am grateful for the rising sun and for waking up this morning. This entire day and all the experiences that come with today are gifts from you.

"Thank you for today’s opportunities to learn or practice new ways, your love rejoices my efforts and sustains me through the hard lessons. Thank you for the winds from the west that bring change and insight. May wisdom ripen within me so I may carry the learnings with me. Father Sky, Creator is majestic, beyond all of our knowing or telling but always no further than tilting our head skyward. Thank you for all of creation and for being allowed to be a part of it. Mother Earth, you have been patient with us through our greed and thoughtlessness and have still provided food, water, air, and shelter for us, thank you.

"Please give me the strength to defend you as any child should defend their mother when others walk not so softly on you. Finally, I look within and honor my spirit. I don’t always think of myself as important, but you tell me I am important to you. Help me to be humble for I am not the center of creation, but a mere part of it. Bless me today as you live in my heart and mind."