Hunkering down: 4 Brain-wise ways to cope during Covid-19


By Andrea Schneider, MSW, LCSW

Andrea Schneider talks about how to keep calm and attend to your mental health needs during the COVID outbreak and staying at home. She offers a wealth of ideas on what you can do to cope during your time at home. These include:
Practice (or learn): yoga, mindfulness-based meditation, abdominal breathing, tai chi, EMDR (a therapeutic modality that utilizes bilateral movements), somatic experiencing (therapeutic modality), and bilateral movements outside in nature (like hiking or walking)
Engage in creative outlets (or learn new ones): draw, paint, sculpt, dance, listen to music, sing, play an instrument, write poetry, and act.
Engage in cognitive-behavioral techniques (or learn new ones): journal, do cognitive behavioral therapy with a trained therapist, read books about cognitive restructuring, draw a timeline and label the road-map with the story of our journey, talk with trusted others for validation and support.
Engage in supreme self-care: which includes: good sleep, nutrition, exercise, keeping in touch with friends & loved ones, psychotherapy, spirituality, and more.
Remember, you don’t have to be an expert in order to do all of these things. Now is a great to learn or to try something new. For instance, meditation and relaxation exercises are easily learned through reading articles online, or watching YouTube videos.