First Day of General Conference


By Bob Phillips
When little happens, little gets written. This is not a bad thing. The start-up day included the kabuki-dance rituals of "establishing the bar of the conference," up to which one must belly to speak, posture or pray.  43 rules were passed, and votes taken on subjects such as whether or not to take a vote on a subject. 
Worship defined the opening of the GC, well-planned, a spiritual buffet of various Christian and ethnic traditions, and, yes, really worship. The delegates were huddled around their tables and presented with two questions that were excellent: how can this event keep Jesus central and what does God want from the church and this GC? Pray that we all would keep keeping those two questions as the frame of reference for all that happens.
Adjournment, slated for 6:30 p.m., happened promptly at 8:30 p.m. the first evening, for reasons that neither Tolstoy (WAR AND PEACE) nor Stan Lee (SPIDERMAN) would feel merit inclusion in their writings. And do remember that this conference is not about whatever external news media says. It is about Jesus.  I sense lots of delegates from all sorts of places share that conviction, that passion, that faith.