Christ Is Risen!


Christ is risen!

Christ IS risen indeed.

The wonderful affirmation of Easter is that Christ did what he predicted. He told his disciples that he would be condemned and killed, but that on the third day he would rise from the dead. The disciples either forgot or they simply did not believe. It is comforting to know that Christ keeps his promises whether we remember them or not.

This Easter, more than in past Easters, I have needed the assurance that comes from knowing that Christ completed his earthly mission. Like many of you our family has experienced the knock of death on our door far too many times. In the past 11 months we have had seven people within our close family circle experience physical death. We have said to each other, “I wonder how people that do not have the hope that Christ provides deal with the sting of death?”  As a follower of Christ, it is a comfort to know that his resurrection provides certain assurances. The resurrection assures us that:

  • Christ has power over death and the grave.
  • Life after death is a realistic expectation.
  • We can know and be known, in our new bodies, after we die.
  • We have HOPE that extends beyond the grave and is anchored by the promises of Jesus Christ.
  • Heaven is not just a pretend place to comfort frightened grown-ups or children.
The resurrection of Jesus made such a lasting impression on the disciples of Jesus that they refused, aided by the help of the Holy Spirit, to quit talking about the resurrection even under the threat of imprisonment and death.

Peter stated, on the day of Pentecost, that the resurrection was proof positive that God had made Jesus both Christ and Lord and that the disciples were eye witnesses.

Easter is much more than a time for bunnies, eggs, new outfits, new shoes, candy and lilies. Easter is the time that Christians celebrate the greatest event in human history. Our hope as believers is directly tied to the empty tomb of Christ.
Sometimes I wonder if we really “get it.”  There is no need to be quiet, no need to be cautious or fearful, no need to be filled with doubt, no need to worry that we might be in error or mistaken, no need to be ashamed or intimidated, no need to worry that we are wrong. HE IS RISEN, JUST AS HE SAID!

Our pulpits, our classrooms, our small group meeting spaces, our churches, and our homes should be flooded with the good news that Christ is alive and well. Our lips should constantly declare that his resurrection proves that he is the sovereign head over all that is, and he is Lord of all.

Let us be determined to once again make the main thing, the main thing. The resurrection of Jesus was given chief priority by the early church. As they lifted up Jesus, crucified, dead, buried, and raised to new life, the church grew. Jesus said it better than I can, “If I am lifted up I will draw all unto me.”

The resurrection also provides comfort and hope that one day we will be reunited with our loved ones that also placed their faith in Jesus Christ and trusted him for their salvation. The resurrection provides us with a great deal of peace and security in their eternal destiny and in ours. My hope is that you will be renewed in your own personal faith and that his resurrection will provide you with both comfort and hope as you celebrate this Easter Sunday.

Alleluia Christ is risen!

He is risen indeed!
Bishop Beard