A Prayer for Holy Week


We began our Lenten journey on Ash Wednesday. This journey has been filled with many opportunities for self-examination, personal reflection, spiritual renewal and re-dedication to the mission and ministry to which we have been commissioned.  As we approach Celebration Sunday let us unite our hearts in a prayer of agreement.

Jesus promised us in Matthew 18:19 that if we would pray in agreement we would receive what we ask for.  Dr. Terry Tekyl invited his Praise Band to each play a song at the same time.  He provided the count down. Each instrumentalist and vocalist did his or her “own thing”, and no one was in harmony.  It was a mess!
The prayer of agreement does not rob us of individual expression or deprive us from using our own unique talents. A prayer of agreement allows us, like a praise band or orchestra, to play the proper piece at the right time in harmony with one another under the guidance of the conductor/director.

The Lenten journey is designed to culminate in a harmonious celebration of the resurrected triumphant Lord.  During this holiest of weeks let us unite our hearts in a prayer of agreement for our Nation and for our World.

Let us pray together:
“Lord, we praise and thank you for walking with us on this Lenten journey. The light of your presence has allowed us to peer into areas of darkness within our own hearts and minds.  We confess our short comings and our failures to be obedient.  Help us to receive the forgiveness that you offer all that approach you with true confession and repentant hearts.

As we race toward Celebration Sunday, remind us to give thanks for your passion and suffering. As we remember the Covenant service in the Upper Room and the darkness of the Cross, remind us that you offered yourself freely for each one of us and for the world in which we live.  Please allow your example of selfless love to enable us to seek peace in a world filled with fear, hatred, and strife.

Give wisdom to our leaders and guide them along the path of peace. Bring renewal and restore justice as your rule and reign become a reality throughout the whole earth. Allow us to continue to walk with you in the power and spirit of your resurrection.

We pray this prayer of agreement in the name that is above all names, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.”

God Bless,
Bishop Frank J. Beard