Prayer’s threshold--paying attention


Prayer’s threshold--paying attention
In her poem “A Summer Day,” Mary Oliver describes one of her summer days spent in nature.  Then she offers this line: “I don’t know exactly what prayer is.  I do know how to pay attention…which is what I have been doing all day.” 
She closes the poem with an invitation “what are you going to do with your one precious life?”  We don’t have to be “devout,” “religious,” or “spiritual” to respond.  But as a starter—and something we return to many times--the answer involves “paying attention.”  For behold, “The very ground upon which we stand is holy ground.” (Exodus 3:5)
Dear Lord, help me pay better attention to good and beautiful things, my loved ones, strangers, people who think and look different, and lift my spirits and of others around me.  Amen