Much needed in the year before us:


Much needed in the year before us:
Trust—strength for the day
Resilience—for staying the course
Knowledge—for mental delight, to apply, and to dispel rumors and conspiracies
Awareness—of the needs of others
Awareness—of beauty
Respect—for science and healing
Love—for the person in front of me just now
Stewardship—for my faith family
Stewardship—of God’s creation
Thankfulness—for all the blessings of this life
Civility—for public discourse
Justice—for all God’s children
Light—for dark places and times
Prayer—for all of the above and more
A daily resolve
. (memorize or put on a bathroom mirror)
I offer myself to you this day, all that I am, all that I have, to be wholly and unconditionally yours.  Use me where you will, when you will, and with whom you will.  Amen       (source unknown)