Lenten Devotions 2021

Retired pastor, Rev. Dr. James Bortell and the congregation of Normal First UMC invites you to join them on a daily devotional journey through Lent in 2021. The first post is at the bottom of the listing and you ready from the bottom up with the most recent listed on top.

Blog Posts

A prayer for Palm Sunday

The forty day season of Lent ends tomorrow on Palm Sunday

Made for love

Encourage one another

Saved by love

On beginning within

Some very good words for just now


Our Journey

Our Journey

Our Journey

St. Patrick’s Day

Our Journey

Prayer’s threshold--paying attention

Light and love

Stick to love

*What’s so amazing about Grace?

Some centering thoughts

Amazing Grace

A daily resolve

For memory or posting in a visible place

Listen to your life

Ponder, connect, and apply

Follow the yearnings of your heart

Pray and apply…

“The pieces of my life”

When your neighbor’s religion is “different” from your religion

Stop, look, and listen*

Go to the One who can “master circumstances”

Much needed in the year before us:

Contemplate nature and find “reserves of strength”

Pray this prayer several times turning it over in your mind

“troubles and joys”

Meditate and apply:

Contemplate this verse:

The Castle of my soul

Meditate on this text

“This is the day the Lord has made, I will rejoice and be glad in it.”

Contemplate and apply these words

A prayer for the beginning of Lent

A preparatory prayer for Lent