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Overcoming negative thinking

In the words of psychiatrist David Burns, MD, people who are depressed are often masters of illusion. Their pessimistic outlook — and some unconscious tricks of the mind — can turn triumphs into setbacks, and setbacks into personal failings. Those of us prone to depression may be successful and accomplished, but we’re often plagued by negative thoughts about ourselves and our future. This thinking distorts our view of the world until everything seems dreary and hopeless. But negative thoughts don’t have to be a way of life — and neither does depression. If you’re in the grip of depression, you need to seek professional help for your illness; if the depression is accompanied by mania, hallucinations, or suicidal feelings, you need to get help immediately. Help can be a call to a crisis center, to your local mental health agency, to your primary care physician, or even to 911.

Making Sense of Nutritional Tips and Information

With multiple media forms and buzzing health trends, it can be difficult to interpret nutrition tips and information for improving health. To simplify this process, implement the following three strategies: 1) depend on reliable resources 2) implement changes that suit your lifestyle 3) prioritize individual health needs.

A healthy way to handle the holidays

A little planning can go a long way in helping one handle the holidays. It's really about these key things: Anticipating the event Planning pleasures other than food and drink Holding a family meeting ahead of time Setting reasonable expectations Avoiding or reducing stress caused by holidays or special events Building in ways to be active Preparing for the personalities and habits of friends and family Planning for pleasures after holidays, vacations or special events