Aldersgate Federal Credit Union

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P O BOX 1790, Marion, IL 62959    

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Phone: 618-944-0817 
Marilyn Sullins, Assistant Treasurer

Membership requirements

  • Clergy persons and Diaconal ministers under appointment by the Bishop of the Illinois Great Rivers Annual Conference of Illinois.
  • Full time salaried employees of the Illinois Great Rivers Conference who work within the boudaries of this conference 
  • Spouses of persons who died while within the field of membership of this Credit Union 
  • Employees of the Credit Union 
  • Persons retired as pensioniers or annuitants from above employment 
  • The field of membership also includes immediate families of all listed above.  "Immediate Family"  means spouse and children by birth of adoption


  • AFCU is a secure place for your savings
  • AFCU pays above average dividends in today's market
  • AFCU has an excellent Life Savings Insurance Benefit
  • AFCU shares are insured by The National Credit Union Administration
  • Your investment grows while helping others. An increase in your shares increases the amount of money available for loans

Board Members
Rev. Alan Rhein, President
Rev. Brad Henson, Vice President
Rev. Jame Hahs, Secretary
Rev. Dennis Price, Security
Rev. Richard Sullins, Treasurer
Ms. Mary Lou Beck, Member
Ms. Jo Nicole Cox, Member