Accountability Group Resources

*The Class Meeting: Reclaiming a Forgotten (and Essential) Small Group Experience             Kevin Watson          2017           8 sessions             Book, DVD                                                         Kevin Watson shares John Wesley's time-tested and proven method of small groups with today's church. A class meeting is a small group that is primarily focused on transformation, not information -- where people learn how to interpret their lives through the lens of the gospel, build a vocabulary for giving voice to their experience of God, and grow in faith in Christ. Groups can use the book alone (there's a session plan at the end of each chapter) or add the DVD. At the end of the eighth session, group members can decide if they would like to continue as a class meeting - with no book needed. 

*The Band Meeting: Rediscovering Relational Discipleship in Transformational Community    Kevin Watson and Scott Kisker     2017            8 sessions          DVD (optional), Book                  In this eight-session study, Kevin Watson and Scott Kisker explore the richness of Methodist band meetings. Similar to, but working on a deeper level than, a class meeting, a band meeting is a group of three to five people that is divided by gender, where the focus of each meeting is on confession of sin in order to grow in holiness.  

*Disciples Making Disciples: A Guide for Covenant Discipleship Groups and Class Leaders   Steven Manskar      2016           Guide for leaders (not a group study)         Book only        Designed to support members of the congregation who desire to live as disciples of Jesus Christ, this book for class leaders and groups includes tools and information on how to start a Covenant Discipleship group, how to write a covenant, how to lead a group meeting, how to support and grow Covenant Discipleship groups, and more.     

"Come and See" groups                                                                                                                          These groups, with a six week initial commitment, are designed on the model of the class meeting, with a few modifications that make them work well without reading a book and both online and in-person. After participating in an online pilot group, you will be equipped to lead a similar group in your context. Contact Beth Fender by email for more information.